Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warrior Dash 2011

Time to play catch up again. Last year my sister managed to talk Josh and I into doing our first mud/endurance/obstacle race. Josh was all about it! I started having second thoughts as we stood at the starting line :) But it turned out to be a lot of fun and we ended up going to another two on our own, the Spartan Sprint (which was supposed to be a 5k but turned out to be over 4 miles) and the Run for your Lives Zombie 5k for halloween. I wish we had pictures of those :( but we have the medals from them! We are already planning on doing the Super Spartan run this year, which is one step up from the Spartan Sprint at a hefty 8+ miles of mud and obstacles. Here are some Warrior Dash photos...


Aimee having second thoughts...

Go Josh go! 

Up and over walls then crawling under fences. Slowly getting a bit tougher...

Ahhhhh! Cold water!! I tried to tip toe my way in and Josh just dove head first! Show off... ;)

Yep, it's still cold. I think Josh is pretending he's Rambo. Towards the middle of this water obstacle it got deep enough I had to swim through it.

There were logs floating all the way across the mud pit that you either had to go over or under. Here's Josh diving over it, head first right into the water of course!

Lot's of cargo nets to climb up and over. Josh is comin' to get ya! Look at that determination :)

Last but not least 3 rows of fire to jump over. We also had an obstacle like this at Spartan Sprint but it was twice as wide and flames twice as tall. I had trouble mustering the courage to get over that one. This Warrior Dash fire obstacle wasn't too bad, but you still felt the heat!

In the end we got a medal for completing, icy cold showers to rinse off the mud and grime, and a free beer. I felt like a Warrior ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maid of Honor!

Yep, Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding in September. Looking forward to: wearing that snazzy dress we found, cake, and seeing her in her pretty dress. Not looking foward to: the speech. The mere thought of it and i break into a cold sweat, and the room starts doing the zooming in-zooming out thing. Okay okay it's not that bad :) but public speaking is not my forte. At all. There will be wine however, and the groom-to-be is a good guy, so it should be easy enough. And Josh will be there since he is one of the grooms men (he has to wear cowboy boots! :) can't wait heehe). I'll probably just assume my usual public speaking stance with eyes glued to a note card in my hands while talking really fast and ignoring any need to take a breath. Hooray! ...or something. But the snazzy dress! Mine is going to be a dark purple. The strapless part scares me a little. They better make sure they cinch me up tight in there because I do not come with enough of my own equipment to hold that dress up! Eek!

Veggie Garden Planning

We are still beginners with this vegetable garden stuff, but I have a feeling we are off to a late start with getting seeds going inside. My sister has a mini green house set up in her laundry room with with about a dozen little seedlings sprouting up! We better get moving. Last night we started picking out what we want to plant this year. Josh had two stipulations: no squash and no pumpkins. We had a bit of a yucky grub problem with those two veggies last year. These nasty little things burrowed straight into the center of the stems and the beautiful (and huge!) zucchini and squash and pumpkins we had going died off rather quickly. Sad growing season. But I managed to take some nice pictures of them in their healthier days that I should hunt up and add on here. So to avoid any more bug problems until we are a bit more experienced, we're staying away from those guys. Planned so far are the following: watermelon, cherry tomato, bell peppers, broccoli, basil, carrots, rainbow chard, beets, and sunflowers. We'll have to figure out where we are putting them in the garden and see how much room is left over, then maybe a couple more things, but we don't want to over load ourselves.  Looking forward to starting these seeds :)

Problem solved

Mentioned previously was my problem of deciding what to do with my new found dish washing freedom... well, problem solved....


Oh it IS that big of a deal that it needs a post all to itself! We got a new dishwasher recently :) It was an exciting day. We had one but I'm pretty sure it was from the 70's, and it decided it wasn't in the mood to make things clean and sparkly anymore. I did not find the left over soap and random food bits quite as humorous as the old dishwasher did. The phrase oldie but a goodie need not apply. However, on a happier note, the new lil' dishwasher is sleek and sassy! ;) Oh yes, she is sassy and she cleans those dishes with pizzazz! (I humanize every inanimate object... I'm not sure why....) I've never seen my dishes so shiny. I didn't know it was possible! And until we put a cabinet drawer underneath it, the cats are loving the new hidey-hole, at least until it starts humming and whirring once it starts up, then it's a deadly metal monster out to end their days. But to me, I don't care what kind of noise comes out of it, it is my new favorite thing. Hooray for dish washers! How will I ever decide what to do with all this extra free time??

A blog in a sad state of affairs...

We are so terrible at this blog thing. Give us time, we'll catch on ;)