Monday, January 30, 2012

Massage Monday!

We didn't get to celebrate our anniversary on the actual day because we played hosts to a Giants game at the house, which they won so that was nice :) So today I treated Josh to a couples massage at Traditions at the Glen complete with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! His first massage and he loooved it. I had to hold back my giggles when I heard his occasional "aahhhh....." Too bad I didn't take a picture of the pretty strawberries before we chowed down. I think we'll be going back for my birthday in a week ;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blackguard animals!!

 I'm obsessed with cute animal pictures.... I can't help myself!

Pepper was looking for a high five... he was left hanging... 

These two are soo in love.  


She wore herself out playing in the toy box. She just passed out in the box :)

Antero posing. He knows he's beautiful!

 Sleepy time.

These two again!!

 Annie likes the Giants too :)

 They're men. They try not to show their feelings... but some things you just can't hide...

<3 <3 <3

My sister and I at Appaloosa Nationals in Oklahoma. That was my first year competing at Nationals. I went again the next year.


Checking out the goats outside (and looking awesome!) 

He's a spit fire! 

His opinion of pictures.

Old Hiking Photos

These were taken with my dearly departed canon powershot. He ran off :( haven't seen him for months.  I think he decided I was an unfit camera mother after having been dropped in the road, left for days to be chewed on by some wild animals in the night before being found and returned home. He's been replaced by a nikon D5100!! (pictures with this camera to follow)

 There was a lot of hair... but the lighting was too good to pass up.

Sunset photos at BU nature preserve

 Jones Park with the pow wow circle in the woods ;)

Powershot did auto focus and I tried a billion time to make that fern look crisper :( good enough!

He is throwing a big rock onto a big branch in order to make a walking stick. silly guy.

More of the pow wow circle! :)

More forest buildings found

The golden child of this tree family. I thought it was funny!

We reached the summit! (note his fancy walking stick he made)

 More BU nature preserve.

I thought I had more hiking pictures.... I'll find them. Can't wait for spring!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas fun time

Since the blog hadn't even been born yet, I thought I would include some christmas pretty things that you missed. We made these for the holidays!

It was our first time baking and decorating cookies. I think we did alright.

And our first time making a gingerbread house! I think we did awesome!!

And this... well I'm just going to leave this here...





New Blog!

...and the first post! This is the blog of Josh and Aimee and their humble abode they have so lovingly named Black Guard Manor. What follows... are our exploits! Strap in... this should prove to be quite the adventure.

... or not.. whatever..