Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maid of Honor!

Yep, Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding in September. Looking forward to: wearing that snazzy dress we found, cake, and seeing her in her pretty dress. Not looking foward to: the speech. The mere thought of it and i break into a cold sweat, and the room starts doing the zooming in-zooming out thing. Okay okay it's not that bad :) but public speaking is not my forte. At all. There will be wine however, and the groom-to-be is a good guy, so it should be easy enough. And Josh will be there since he is one of the grooms men (he has to wear cowboy boots! :) can't wait heehe). I'll probably just assume my usual public speaking stance with eyes glued to a note card in my hands while talking really fast and ignoring any need to take a breath. Hooray! ...or something. But the snazzy dress! Mine is going to be a dark purple. The strapless part scares me a little. They better make sure they cinch me up tight in there because I do not come with enough of my own equipment to hold that dress up! Eek!

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