Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog slacking!

It seems as though we have abandoned our poor little blog for nearly 2 months. We're terrible. But things have been bustling and we can finally catch up! Granted at this point we don't have any pictures to add but that will come soon once things get organized :) We ordered seeds from Johnny's Seeds and High Mowing Seeds and everyone is sprouting and looking beautiful! It was a rough start for them since this is our first year actually researching how to be good little gardeners. Before, we sort of just threw things in the garden and said 'yep, that'll do!'. Things grew, but we were just getting started! We set them up in a spare room in the house with a heat lamp but there wasn't enough light getting into the room so when weather improved, into the greenhouse they went. Since then they've shot up real quick! We had our soil tested and it's better than we expected. We decided to buy certified organic seeds and ordered them from two great sources recommended to us by an organic farmer and Binghamton University professor with more knowledge than we knew what to do with. I'm making an attempt at succession planting so that we might be able to have our own produce all season long and well into winter (we'll see....!) With our periodic 5k's and Josh's 10 mile obstacle course run coming up, we've been trying to spend a decent amount of time at the gym and outside running so we don't collapse when race time comes :) which I nearly did at the Bronx this past weekend since I was slacking off with the gym time but I managed to finish without walking once, hooray! Thanks to help from my grandma and sister I earned some fundraising prizes including a t shirt, water bottle, and an adorable little stuffed lion toy that I'm sure the cats will get their claws into at some point. Josh earned himself a t shirt, and at some point soon I'll have pictures of all of this! (promise!) Josh has been busy busy hard at work on his web design business, everything's official! :) He's really excited about it all and I'm super proud of my business man! Somehow he has managed to finish a bunch of other house projects at the same time. He built us a 3 stage compost bin, cleaned top to bottom the entire garage and organized it all, and the backyard/patio work is coming up soon! I'm really hoping sometime soon there is actual spring weather to go with this spring month. I didn't appreciate that summer temperature tease that was followed by SNOW! Unacceptable. I want my warm temperatures and hikes in the woods and bike rides and roller blading and mountain biking and trail riding with my horsey, and I want it now!! :( Soon.... or else I'll throw a fit.........

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